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En siste dans - Lassemo nettside.jpg

"One last dance"

(org. title En siste dans)

A heart-wrenching story about love, sacrifice, guilt, and the struggle to maintain normalcy in the face of a changing reality. The piece addresses the challenges of elderly care, with dementia at the forefront, and revolves around Kari's attempt to reconcile her icy relationship with her son before it's too late. The development of the play is funded by The Fritt Ord Foundation and is scheduled to be finished around December 2023.

Hold kjeft, jeg vil leve - Lassemo nettside.jpg


(org. title Limbo)

An honest and intimate story about the everyday life of the artist Alex, who has experienced violence in a close relationship, and now has to tackle the aftermath of this traumatic experience whilst trying to finish a great creative undertaking. It's written together with Helene L. Solberg and is scheduled to be finished around October 2023.

Bilde - Fantasivokteren - Dramatikkens hus.png

"The Fantasy Guardian"

(org. title Fantasivokteren)

When an evil figure takes over the magical world of Cantasoria, the eccentric troll Ørnulf is sent to the human world to bring back a hero who can help them. By mistake, he instead takes 8-year-old Emine through the portal to Cantasoria, and the two are forced out on a dangerous mission. Together, they must interpret the mysterious legend and stop the dark figure from devouring all fantasy, warmth, and magic. If they fail, everything they hold dear is at risk of disappearing, both in Cantasoria and in our world. Even the memories of those they love. Written together with Ellen Bendu.

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