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Project type

Play - Comedy


Actor and producer

Date and place

7. June at Kilden in Kristiansand

The fate of the local theater hangs in the balance. Hoping to save her beloved workplace, producer Henriette, a busy and optimistic soul, has hired renowned director David in a bid to lure audiences back to the theater, unaware of the content of the upcoming production. The belief that the theater will flourish with the acclaimed artist at the helm is strong, but challenges arise when the director's vision proves to be unclear, especially with the season launch just hours away. Kåre, one of the house technicians, becomes an unlikely hero and a necessary key figure in the director's creative chaos. His insight into both the theater and the "common folk," along with his practical skills, becomes crucial in realizing the vision, even though he doesn't quite understand what it entails. In the aftermath of the chaos, where artistic ambitions clash with reality, these three characters must find a way to balance their differences to collectively save the theater's future. "Spetakkel" (eng. Spectacle) is written by Jon Erik Myre.

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